About Us

The Firm, IKR & Associates, established in the year 2011 with a motive to provide consultancy service to the corporate world in the matter of Companies Act, SEBI Regulations, FEMA Regulations and other corporate laws.

IKR & Associates specializes in solving the complexities of company law and company secretarial practice promptly and correctly and with an attention to deal and personal services.

We are an established firm of Practicing Company Secretaries providing company secretarial services to both public and private companies. We are acknowledged experts in all areas of company secretarial practice and company law with a broad client base of exceptional depth and quality. The firm was established in 2011, to meet the need for specialized consultancy to provide on-going or ad hoc advice on company secretarial matters to both large and small companies. Whilst this remains the core of our business today, many firms of accountants and solicitors use our services to ensure that best advice and assistance on company secretarial matters is available to their clients.

IKR & Associates offers services in a wide range of sectors, primarily advising board members of their responsibilities and implementing board decisions. Properly managed secretarial services will keep you out of trouble at any International Business Registry and with third parties, such as banks, creditors, trustees, etc.

IKR & Associates offers secretarial services to relieve busy directors and their administrative staff from the pressure of accuracy and jurisdictional requirements.

We have handled and served diversified clients such as Manufacturers, Health care sectors, NBFCs, MNCs, Section 25 Companies, Societies, Real Estate Developers, Software Solution Providers, Traders, Construction Companies, Pharma Sectors, Educational Institutions, Foreign Companies etc.